Programme of the Workshop I                                                                                        5


Helena Jasna Mencer: State of the Art – Quality Assurance System in Higher

Education in Croatia                                                                                                            7


Vera Turković: Dynamics of the Development of Quality Assurance System

in Higher Education Considering the Socio-cultural-economic

Situation in Croatia                                                                                                             12


Jan Elen: Assuring and Fostering Quality at the University of Leuven                     15


Karl Holm: Standard, Criteria and Indicators Used in Programme Accreditation

and Evaluation in Western Europe                                                                                   25


Marta Vilalta: Some Examples of Quality Assurance at the Universitat

Autonoma de Barcelona                                                                                                    27


Vlasta Vizek-Vidović: Faculty Development as a Part of University

Quality Improvement System                                                                                            37


Vesna Kovač: Academic Staff Participation in University Governance:

Internal Responses on External Quality Demands                                                        42


Jasminka Ledić: Initial Training for University Teachers: A Proposal                      56


Ivan Vicković: Introducing of Academic Achievements and Competence

Recognition at Policy and Institutional Level                                                                  64


Željko Dujić: Enrolment Policy at the University of Split                                              69


Stipe Grgas: Evaluation Procedure of Higher Education Institutions in Croatia      77


Sophie Verfaillie: External Quality Assessment at Flemish Universities:

Current Developments                                                                                                       87


Marta Ljubešić: Evaluation of the Teaching Process: Feedback from the

Student Survey Conducted at the University of Zagreb                                                91


Adriana Hornikova: Quality Management and Quality Assurance for

Academic Education                                                                                                        103


Glossary of the terms related to Quality Assurance                                                       110