Programme of the II Workshop                                                                                         5


Pero Lučin: Harmonisation with European Trends in Higher Education                           7


Aleksa Bjeliš: Framework for the Organisation of University                                          13


Marta Vilalta: Spanish new Law on Higher Education                                                      19


Vjekoslav Jerolimov: Enrloment Policy in Croatia                                                           32


Željko Dujić: Enrolment Policy in EU                                                                                36


Petar Bezinović: State Matura (from the perspective of HE)                                             50


Ivan Mencer: ISO 9001: 2000 Protocol of Standards – Maybe the way in our                

next steps and/or the dream route to excellence                                                                 50


Petar Bezinović: Quality Promotion at the University of Rijeka                                        65


Ksenija Čulo: Internal Quality Assurance Model at the University of Osijek                    73


Ivan Slapničar: Current State of the Institutional Quality Assurance                               

Management at the University of Split                                                                                81


Mladen Andrassy: Internal Quality Assurance at the University of Zagreb                     90


Laszlo Frenyo: Quality Assurance: The Voice of the “Victim”,

The View of a “HE Amateur”                                                                                             93


Karl Holm: Quality assurance at universities – do we need accreditation                                100


Kerstin Zwolinski:  Quality Assurance at the Technical Faculty,

University Erlangen – Nuremberg                                                                                      103


Vera Turković: Implementation Dynamics of the Bologna Objectives

at the University of Zagreb                                                                                                 111


Ivan Vicković: How to integrate study programmes?                                                        113


Jo Breda: Faculty Development at the KULeuven                                                            115


Esteve Arboix: AQU Catalunya, Agency for Quality Assurance in

Higher Education of Catalonia 2004 projects                                                                    130


Guy Haug: QA/Accreditation: a European prospective                                                     136