UM JEP-16015-2001

Pool of experts

There is a “pool of experts”, specialists from Croatia and Europe, working in institutions not belonging to the Tempus consortium. The pool includes:


1. Guy Haug, PhD, Austrian Accreditation Council, Principal Advisor, an expert and consultant to the European Commission on issues relating to co-operation and mobility in higher education within EU, Central/Eastern Europe and South and Southeast Asia, setting up of the infrastructure and procedures for new programs, comparative education systems, academic credit systems and equivalence of degrees, European higher education in a world perspective,


2. Malcolm Frazer, PhD, University of Swindon and Wiltshire Project, Executive Director; The Open University, Visiting Professor; University of Bath, Visiting Professor, higher education and employment adviser on quality assurance system and its assessment on universities, self-evaluation, quality management and research assessment,


3. Laszlo Frenyo, PhD, Strategic Committee of Higher Education & Research Council of Hungary, President; Szent Istvan University, Professor; Faculty of Western Maryland College Budapest Program, Dean, experienced in higher education reform and research projects in Hungary, member of Universities Project Advisory Committee at the Salzburg Seminar,


4. Marek Frankovicz, PhD, Jagiellonian University, Head of the Council of University Centre for Quality of Education, Institutional ECTS Co-ordinator, Faculty of Chemistry, Professor, with competence in quality assurance systems in higher education, university and information management, interdisciplinary studies, experience in international educational programs, ECTS, Socrates and other EU programs, co-ordinator and/or contractor, expert and contact person in various Tempus projects.


Their valuable knowledge and experience in the area of concern will help us to avoid mistakes, support the project development and fasten the reform in Croatia.


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