UM JEP-16015-2001




Project management structure will be predominantly based on experiences of the co-ordinating and contracting institutions.


The co-ordinating institution is the University of Zagreb represented in UM-JEP "Development-of Quality Assurance System by prof. Helena Jasna Mencer, Ph.D., vice rector in charge for science and development, and professor at Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology. She was a member of National Scientific Council and now she is chairing the elected National Council for Higher Education. Recently she is specially interested in quality issues. She also attended many international meetings and was involved on discussions on new challenges in higher education and on going towards a new paradigm.


The University of Zagreb is the oldest university with uninterrupted activities in the Republic of Croatia. The University of Zagreb is also among the oldest universities in Europe. Its history began on 23 September 1669. From that date till today, the University of Zagreb, as source of intellectual and spiritual strengths, continuously grows. Within the framework of the University of Zagreb, scientific, teaching and artistic activities are carried out at 29 faculties, 3 academies of arts, a professional Teaching Academy. Today the University of Zagreb incorporates 33 higher education institutions, two student centres (in Zagreb and Varaždin), the University Computer Centre and the University (Rectorate as an independent unit). According to the last officially available data, in the academic 1998/1999 year the University of Zagreb had 53.951 students, 41.002 full-time students who studied at the University of Zagreb with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 7.940 students who studied from personal reasons and 5.009 who were part-time students.


The contracting institution is the University Extension Centre of Vienna University of Technology. The University Extension Centre is located at the interface between the university and its environment - though it forms an integral part of the university. Its main functions are: information on research activities of Austrian Universities, technology transfer, continuing education and international affairs. University Extension Centre has been active in the TEMPUS Program since the launch of this scheme and has been the co-ordinator or contractor of several TEMPUS projects.


The person acting as the contractor of this project will be Dr. Franz Reichl, director of the University Extension Centre. He has a long experience with TEMPUS program as well as with other international programs and projects. The contractor will be responsible for the financial management within the project and distribution of the grant among the project partners in accordance with TEMPUS regulations and decisions of the Steering Committee. His task will also include project monitoring and project management in co-operation with the project co-ordinator.



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