These are the 10 NEC Article 410 items we deem most important, based on the pervasiveness of confusion and the potential costs of same. Items such as marking for electrical ratings and warnings for combustibles, conductor and cord usage, and connections are covered. Everyone knows what a closet is, right? 2: No handhole shall be required in a pole 6.0 m (20 ft) or less in height abovegrade that is provided with a hinged base. Connected Load. (A) General. The grounding terminations within the poles are often difficult to install and also inspect. Closet Storage Space. Lamp Terminals and Lampholders. Electric-discharge and LED luminaires surface mounted over concealed outlet, pull, or junction boxes and designed not to be supported solely by the outlet box shall be provided with suitable openings in the back of the luminaire to provide access to the wiring in the box. from lamp terminals shall not be required to be grounded. D2(a) Optional Calculation for One-Family Dwelling Heating Larger than Air Conditioning [See Section 220.82], Example No. Subject. Individual showcases, other than fixed, shall be permitted to be connected by flexible cord to permanently installed receptacles, and groups of not more than six such showcases shall be permitted to be coupled together by flexible cord and separable locking-type connec tors with one of the group connected by flexible cord to a permanently installed receptacle. Electrical Rating. Equipment for use with electric-discharge lighting systems and designed for an open-circuit voltage of 1000 volts or less shall be of a type identified for such service. Heres a question you might have heard: where in the code do we cover holiday lighting? Equipped with Flanged Surface Inlet. No other externally wired luminaires shall be used. General. Insulating joints that are not designed to be mounted with screws or bolts shall have an exterior metal casing, insulated from both screw connections. Decorative lighting and similar accessories used for holiday lighting and similar purposes, in accordance with 590.3(B), shall be listed. Tap Conductors. The means for providing illumination has gone through numerous changes over the centuries, from oil lamps to incandescent bulbs, to fluorescent tubes and LEDs. The first definition found in 410.2 is for closet storage space. Unless part of listed decorative lighting assemblies, pendant conductors shall not be smaller than 14 AWG for mogul-base or medium-base screw shell lampholders or smaller than 18 AWG for intermediate or candelabra-base lampholders. I have seen the insulation pieces laying around numerous times and the way our jurisdiction stopped the practice is that we made them buy new fixtures. To play this game about lighting, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind and a 2020 National Electrical Code book. 410.14 Luminaires in Show Windows. The design of the single-end luminaires is such that the non-spring tombstone (where the pin inserts into the lamp holder) has two contacts; one is the line voltage and the other is connected to the ballast. D5(b) Optional Calculation for Multifamily Dwelling Served at 208Y/120 Volts, Three Phase, Example No. within 900 mm (3 ft.) horizontally and 2.5 m (8 ft.) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold. Having been a contractor for several years, I was often exasperated at whoever designed a location for lighting to be installed that you physically could not get to in order to service it, especially some of the cove lighting in restrooms where the installed stalls and plumbing fixtures created great obstacles to work around. If you see a cord plugged into a device on a trackthat is a violation. Recessed high-intensity luminaires designed to be installed in wall or ceiling cavities shall have thermal protec tion and be identified as thermally protected. Depending on the type of lighting used, whether incandescent, fluorescent, or LED, surface-mounted or flush-mounted, this section lists clearances to the nearest storage space. Luminaires (Fixtures) in Specific Locations. Recessed luminaires (fixtures) can be installed in the wall or ceiling. Luminaires shall not be used as a raceway for circuit conductors unless they comply with 410.64(A), (B), or (C). Dwelling Occupancies. D2(b) Optional Calculation for One-Family Dwelling, Air Conditioning Larger than Heating [See 220.82(A) and 220.82(C)], Example No. Portable handlamps shall not be required to be grounded where supplied through an isolating transformer with an ungrounded secondary of not over 50 volts. Professional. Also in part (B), the clearance to any insulation is required to be at least 3 inches. Secondary Connections. D6 Maximum Demand for Range Loads, Example No. Additional Requirements. Since the closet doors are generally closed, if the fixture is left on and overheats items in the closet, the resulting fire could go unnoticed for quite some time. Electric-discharge and LED luminaires supported independently of the outlet box shall be connected to the branch circuit through metal race way, nonmetallic raceway, Type MC cable, Type AC cable, Type MI cable, nonmetallic sheathed cable, or by flexible cord as permitted in 410.62(B) or 410.62(C). For some reason, these are not commonly purchased with an IC rating. Transformers shall be enclosed, identified for the use, and listed. D12 Park Trailer (See 552.47), ERP and Data Warehousing in Organizations: Issues and Challenges, ERP System Acquisition: A Process Model and Results From an Austrian Survey. Type IC luminaires have different requirements. . Exposed accessible terminals in lampholders and switches shall not be installed in metal luminaire canopies or in open bases of portable table or floor luminaires.Exception: Cleat-type lampholders located at least 2.5 m (8 ft) above the. Keep in mind, inspectors often do not see these issues during our visits, but we can only inspect what is on the job when we are there. Chain-supported lumin aires used in a show window shall be permitted to be externally wired. best small portable charger for android; international conference on social sciences and humanities 2022; radiator stop leak tablets What about single pin lamps? This type of luminaire (fixture) must comply with Sections 410.65 through 410-72. Informational Note No. Metal or Nonmetallic Poles Supporting Luminaires. These are very commonly used in residential construction and are a very important part of the residential inspection process. Requirements for communications . 410.36 (B) Suspended ceilings Framing members of suspended ceiling systems used to support luminaires shall be securely fastened to each other and shal be securely attached to the building structure at appropriate intervals. Many of the items have been created directly as a result of disaster conditions through history. No parts of cord-connected luminaires, chain-, cable, or cord-suspended luminaires, lighting track, pendants, or ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans shall be located within a zone measured 900 mm (3 ft) horizontally and 2.5 m (8 ft) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold. Open-Circuit Voltage of 1000 Volts or Less. Luminaires installed in wet or damp locations shall be installed such that water cannot enter or accumulate in wiring compartments, lampholders, or other electrical parts. Properly Secured. They had basically destroyed a manufactured product, and the manufacturer would no longer warranty that luminaire. He holds ten inspections certifications from IAEI and ICC. They shall be securely fastened to the track, shall maintain polarization and connections to the equipment grounding conductor, and shall be designed to be suspended directly from the track. Pendant lampholders with permanently attached leads, where used for other than festoon wiring, shall be hung from separate stranded rubber-covered conductors that are soldered directly to the circuit conductors but suppor ted independently thereof. Luminaires shall be permitted to be installed in commercial cooking hoods where all of the follow ing conditions are met: The luminaire shall be identified for use within commer cial cooking hoods and installed such that the tempera ture limits of the materials used are not exceeded. of a ballast, LED driver, power supply, or transformer shall have an insulation temperature rating not lower than 90C (194F), unless supplying a luminaire marked as suitable for a different insulation temperature. In 410.16, Clearance and Installation, the requirements are covered depending on the type of luminaire. Feeder and branch-circuit conductors within 75 mm (3 in.) Luminaires and lampholders shall be securely supported. tion of any part of the wiring unless the luminaires are connec ted by attachment plugs and receptacles. All luminaires installed in wet locations shall be marked, "Suitable for Wet Locations ." According to the NEC 410.16(A), the following is defined as acceptable for installation in clothing closets: Surface or recessed incandescent or LED luminaires with an enclosed light source. ), or more than 300 mm (12 in.) Luminaires installed in wet or damp locations shall be installed such that water cannot enter or accumulate in wiring compartments, lampholders, or other electrical parts. instant-start lamps which of the following is an HD ballast category? An incandescent lamp for general use on lighting branch circuits shall not be equip ped with a medium base if rated over 300 watts, or with a mogul base if rated over 1500 watts. Receptacles and attachment plugs shall be permitted to be of a lower ampere rating than the branch circuit but not less than 125 percent of the luminaire full-load current. 410.52 Conductor Insulation. Size. The installation shall comply with 410.59(A) through (E). Luminaires shall be installed so that adjacent combustible material will not be subjected to temperatures in excess of 90C (194F). 1: Luminaires made of insulating material that is directly wired or attached to outlets supplied by a wiring method that does not provide a ready means for grounding attachment to an equip ment grounding conductor shall be made of insulating material and shall have no exposed conductive parts. As we all know, heat rises, and a heat pocket is created within each fixture. Listed clips identified for use with the type of ceiling framing member(s) and lumin aire(s) shall also be permitted. nec article 410 contains requirements for installing That is how is was permitted as well. The conductors shall be installed within the track housing, permit ting insertion of a luminaire, and designed to prevent tamper ing and accidental contact with live parts. Is a small pantry with a door in your kitchen considered a closet? on either side of the rod on a plane horizontal to the floor extending the entire length of the rod. Lampholders. Informational Note: Combustible low-density cellulose fiber board includes sheets, panels, and tiles that have a density of 320 kg/m3(20 lb/ft3) or less and that are formed of bonded plant fiber material but does not include solid or laminated wood or fiberboard that has a density in excess of 320 kg/m3(20 lb/ft3) or is a material that has been integrally treated with fire-retarding chemicals to the degree that the flame spread index in any plane of the material will not exceed 25, deter mined in accordance with tests for surface burning characteris tics of building materials. Enterprise Application Integration: New Solutions for a Solved Problem or a Challenging Research Field? Disconnection. General II. Exception No. A bushing or the equivalent shall be provided where flexible cord enters the base or stem of a porta ble luminaire. Informational Note: See Article 100 for the definition ofMulti wire Branch Circuit. NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC) Softbound Order the reorganized and updated NFPA 70 , National Electrical Code (NEC ), 2023 edition, today and get the latest requirements for electrical installations. Luminaires over Combustible Material. long and not more than 1.8 m (6 ft.) long, be a suitable raceway or the tap conductor must be Type AC or MC cable. Where supplied by the ungrounded conductors of a circuit, the switching device of lampholders of the switched type shall simultaneously disconnect both conductors of the circuit. 410.84 Cord Bushings. Part V reviews the grounding requirements and basically states that if a luminaire or lighting equipment has metal parts, it shall be grounded. | RSS, Annex J ADA Standards for Accessible Design, Annex I Recommended Tightening Torque Tables from UL Standard 486A-B, Informative Annex G Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Annex F Availability and Reliability for Critical Operations Power Systems; and Development and Implementation of Functional Performance Tests (FPTs) for Critical Operations Power Systems, Informative Annex B Application Information for Ampacity Calculation. Conductors shall be arranged so that they are not subjected to tempera tures above those for which they are rated. Lamps or lampholders shall be designed so that there are no exposed live parts when lamps are being inserted or removed. A common problem here is that a contractor will use a particular brand of recessed can, and then trim them out with a different brand of trim; since those items were not tested together, this is a violation of the IC listing of the recessed can. Considered as Energized. Splices and Taps. Snap switches shall comply with 404.14. 4 in.) Article 110 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) covers the general requirements for the examination and approval, installation and use, access to, and spaces about electrical equipment. For inspections related to location of a luminaire within a closet, we cant install the luminaire within the modified cube shape described in the definition. IAEI News Magazine. Bathtub and Shower Areas. The track conductors shall be a minimum 12 AWG or equal and shall be copper. 410.42 Luminaire(s) with Exposed Conductive Parts. A means to connect an equipment ground must be provided for a metal luminaire (fixture). Marking. Luminaires shall be constructed, installed, or equipped with shades or guards so that combustible material is not subjected to temper atures in excess of 90C (194F). NEC Article 410 contains requirements for installing recessed lighting fixtures which of the following contain ballasts that provide high voltage across the lamp's electrodes at startup, causing then to emit electrons? (D) Bathtub and Shower Areas. Luminaire studs that are not a part of outlet boxes, hickeys, tripods, and crowfeet shall be made of steel, malleable iron, or other material suitable for the applica tion. Multiwire Branch Circuits. 110.2]. Recessed lighting is an item I emphasize as one of the most important items for inspections. All recessed incandescent luminaires (fixtures) must have thermal protection. New Section 406.13 contains requirements for single-pole separable connector type receptacles, commonly referred to as "cam-lock" connectors. Electric-discharge lighting systems with an open- circuit voltage exceeding 1000 volts shall be listed and installed in conformance with that listing. Listing Required. 410.50 Polarization of Luminaires. Conductors in vertical poles used as raceway shall be supported as provided in 300.19. Cord Requirements. Equipment other than showcases shall not be electrically connected to showcases. Special Provisions for Electric-Discharge Lighting Systems of More Than 1000 Volts. The vertical location of the kitchen countertop receptacles is addressed in 210.52 (C) (5); they are not permitted more than 20 inches above the countertop. Luminaires designed for end-to-end connection to form a continuous assembly, or luminaires connected together by recognized wiring methods, shall be permitted to contain the conductors of a 2-wire branch circuit, or one multiwire branch circuit, supplying the connec ted luminaires and shall not be required to be listed as a race way. Electric-discharge luminaires equipped with a flanged surface inlet shall be permitted to be supplied by cord pendants equipped with cord connectors. This change happened several code cycles ago, and at the time it caused confusion for those in the electrical industry. These changes can be found in Article 690, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. Pendant conductors longer than 900 mm (3 ft) shall be twisted together where not cabled in a listed assembly. 410.8 Inspection. 410.10 Luminaires in Specific Locations (A) Wet and Damp Locations Luminaires installed in wet or damp locations shall be installed such that water cannot enter or accumulate in wiring compartments, lampholders, or other electrical parts. There are additional requirements for cable installed in cable tray and cable grouped together supported by messenger cable. Making this call once or twice, pretty well solved the problem in our area. 1: A disconnecting means shall not be required for luminaires installed in hazardous. Flexible cord shall be of the hard- service type, having conductors not smaller than the branch- circuit conductors, having ampacity at least equal to the branch-circuit overcurrent device, and having an equipment grounding conductor.Informational Note: See Table 250.122 for size of equipment grounding conductor. 1: No handhole shall be required in a pole 2.5 m (8 ft) or less in height abovegrade where the supply wiring method continues without splice or pull point, and where the interior of the pole and any splices are accessible by removing the luminaire.Exception No. for recessed incandescent or LED lumin aires with a completely enclosed light source installed in the wall or the ceiling. Luminaires and lighting equipment shall be grounded as required in Article 250 and Part V of this article. Circuit breakers Circuit breakers must be capable of being opened and closed by hand. Support. Along with making sure they have used lamps that are not larger than the luminaire allows per its listing and labeling, these little foil-covered insulation pieces are part of the fixture and are there to ensure we dont have heat transfer from the lamp to the wire terminations. 410.90 Screw Shell Type. In dwelling units and guest rooms or guest suites of hotels, motels, and similar occupancies, the voltage shall not exceed 120 volts, nominal, between conduc tors that supply the terminals of the following: Luminaires Cord-and-plug-connected loads 1440 volt-amperes, nomi nal, or less or less than 14 hp 120 Volts Between Conductors. Use Table 402.5 for 18-16 AWG conductors. NEC Section 410.130(F)(5) Lampholders in Wet or Damp Locations. There are requirements for supported and unsupported cables. A lumin aire requiring supply wire rated higher than 60C (140F) shall be marked with the minimum supply wire temperature rating on the luminaire and shipping carton or equivalent. Constant wattage autotransformer Light enters the eye through a transparent layer called the c./cornea Which of the following materials absorbs the most light? Listing. This month we will continue the series of articles covering basic electrical inspection items. I will not go into detail here, but the scope has a laundry list of items and you will find that it is pretty exclusively related to lighting products and devices. Elevator cables. Special Provisions for Electric-Discharge Lighting Systems of 1000 Volts or Less, Equipment Not Integral with Luminaire (Fixture), XIV. Special Provisions for Electric-Discharge Lighting Systems of 1000 Volts or Less. Another requirement is that track fittings are not to be equipped with general purpose receptacles, which would make them more like a branch circuit. So, we have to picture the cube directly over the tub or shower, extending 3 feet out from the edge and 8 foot above the unit. (B) Metal or Nonmetallic Poles Supporting Luminaires (Lighting Fixtures). Lampholders Near Combustible Material. Luminaires identified for through- wiring, as permitted by 410.21, shall be permitted to be used as a raceway. The disconnecting means shall be located so as to be accessible to qualified persons before servicing or main taining the ballast. (E) Luminaires (Fixtures) in Indoor Sports, Mixed-Use, and All-Purpose Facilities. General. Luminaires subject to physical damage, using a mercury vapor or metal halide lamp, installed in playing and spectator seating areas of indoor sports, mixed-use, or all- purpose facilities shall be of the type that protects the lamp with a glass or plastic lens. 410.48 Luminaire Wiring General. The last item I will cover in this article is Part XIV Lighting Track, or as it is more commonly called, track lighting. Refer to 310.15 or 310.60 for 14 AWG and larger conductors. A luminaire shall be permitted to be connected witha cord terminating in a grounding-type attachment plug orbusway plug. If you are tasked with doing inspections for parking lot lighting, you need to be familiar with a few items. a disconnecting means either internal or external to each luminaire (fixture), to disconnect simultaneously from the source of supply all conductors of the ballast, including the grounded conductor if any. Luminaires (Fixtures) Near Combustible Material. Instant start lamps Which of the following is an HID ballast category? Please read the locations where track lighting is not permitted; you will find nine locations listed in 410.151(C). Luminaires shall be wired so that the screw shells of lampholders are connected to the same luminaire or circuit conductor or terminal. Luminaires Near Combustible Material. These connectors are required to be listed and be of the locking or latching type. Chapter 5: Special Occupancies. Canopies and outlet boxes taken together shall provide sufficient space so that luminaire conductors and their connecting devices are capable of being installed in accordance with 314.16. Exit Luminaires. Thermal insulation shall not be installed above a recessed luminaire or within 75 mm (3 in.) No unnecessary splices or taps shall be made within or on a luminaire.Informational Note: For approved means of making connec tions, see 110.14. Adequate airspace shall be provided between lamps and shades or other enclosures of combustible material. The terminal of an electric-discharge lamp shall be considered as a live part. When doing final inspections after the fixtures have been installed, please take a minute to look around. In this case, the power to the ballast is disconnected when the lamp is removed. Luminaires installed in corrosive locations shall be of a type suitable for such locations. Informational Note: For ampacity of fixture wire, maximum operating temperature, voltage limitations, minimum wire size, and other information, see Article 402. A recessed luminaire that is identified for contact with insulation, Type IC, shall be permitted to be in contact with combustible materials at recessed parts, points of support, and portions passing through or finishing off the opening in the building structure. 3: Where no equipment grounding conductor exists at the outlet, replacement luminaires that are GFCI protected shall not be required to be connected to an equipment grounding conductor. These poles are likely to be touched by the general public, and if a fault occurs a person could be seriously injured or killed. Special Provisions for Flush and Recessed Luminaires. However, Ive had inspectors try to apply the requirements for closets in 410 to other locations. In Article 100 we find the definition for a clothes closet, which is a non-habitable room or space intended primarily for the storage of garments and apparel. More times than not, these custom one-of-a-kind units are not typically listed and labeled by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Wiring methods and materials supplying the luminaire(s) shall not be exposed within the cooking hood. Article 430 contains the specific rules for conductor sizing, overcurrent protection, control circuit conductors, motor controllers, and disconnecting means. 410.54 Pendant Conductors for Incandescent Filament Lamps. Several codes regulate the use of artificial lighting. Handlamps shall be equipped with a substantial guard attached to the lampholder or handle. Support of Exposed Cable for PV Systems: Requirements and Recommendations, Baby, Its Cold OutsideBut the House is Warm and Electrically Safe, Grounding and Bonding Devices and Splicing Connectors for the Line Side of the Service, NEC Rapid Shutdown Requirements and UL 3741, Basic three-phase power measurements explained, Electricians Adapt to Increased Growth in Lighting Technologies. The NEC Wiki|powered by theWikiWP theme andWordPress. Support. The connected load on lighting track shall not exceed the rating of the track. Luminaires installed in recessed cavities in walls or ceilings, including suspended ceilings, shall comply with 410.115 through 410.122. Total Cards. This article covers luminaires, portable lumin aires, lampholders, pendants, incandescent filament lamps, arc lamps, electric-discharge lamps, decorative lighting products, lighting accessories for temporary seasonal and holiday use, portable flexible lighting products, and the wiring and equip ment forming part of such products and lighting installations. Equipment schedules are important, and one should ask for an equipment schedule during the plan review process, to make sure of what is taking place inside the extraction room and also the surrounding areas. There are a couple of exceptions, so please review these. Components of lighting track systems of different voltages shall not be inter changeable. This becomes a challenge because insulation has the tendency to go everywhere if it is blown in; or if it is batt insulation, it may eventually fall onto a fixture. Please take time to read the scope of this article in 410.1. The insulation used on conductors must be suitable for the temperatures that they will be subjected to. Stranded conductors shall be used for wiring on luminaire chains and on other movable or flexible parts. Part X. Luminaires or lamp installation shall be controlled either singly or in groups by an externally operable switch or circuit breaker that opens all ungrounded primary conductors. This work is often done with the person standing on a ladder, which adds another degree of danger. Provisions at Luminaire Outlet Boxes, Canopies, and Pans. Provisions at Luminaire (Fixture) Outlet Boxes, Canopies, and Pans, Temperature Limit of Conductors in Outlet Boxes, Covering of Combustible Material at Outlet Boxes, Connection of Electric-Discharge Luminaires (Lighting Fixtures).
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