Marijan Palmović, PhD, associate professor

Education. BA in philosophy and linguistics at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy in 1989, MS in philosophy (logic) in 1993 and PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Zagreb in 2007.

Scientific interest. His scientific interests are focused on neural correlates of language processing.

Scientific projects. He participated in three national projects on language acquisition and processing, one bilateral Austrian-Croatian project on cross-linguistic perspective of language acquisition, one ESF project on modeling human language and comunication (LogiCCC), one COST project on Specific Language Impairment and three Tempus projects.

Published items. He is a co-author of a book and an author and a co-author in two book chapters. He published 12 scientific papers (one in CC) in national and international journals and conference proceedings. He participated in more than 20 national and international conferences.

Membership. He is a member of Croatian Philological Society and Croatian Philosophy Society. He is also a member of the Croatian Society for Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Society.

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