TEMPUS CM_SCM-C032A06-2006

Furtherance of Bologna Promotion in Croatia



Background of the project


Project description

Consortium members


Bologna Promotors


Management of the Project


Kick-off meeting



Tuheljske toplice seminar

Osijek seminar
Zadar seminar

Opatija seminar






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Management of the project


ÖAD is responsible for financial management and with University of Zagreb (UZg) for general management. Ministry of Science, Education and Sport (MSES) and UZg are responsible for approval of action plan and budget and setting the priorities in the work of Bologna promoters. UZg, University of Rijeka (URi), Osijek (UOs), Split (USt), Zadar (UZd) and Dubrovnik (UDu) are responsible for organization of seminars and dissemination of results at their own university and faculties. The responsibilities of EU partners for the specific themes are described in the project description section.

Project secretary (part-time), will take care of administrative work. Important decisions will be made on consensus basis from all the consortium members. At the beginning a kick-off meeting will be held where all organizational and academic details of the project will be refined. Information will be distributed on regular bases, through e-mail, fax and phone and coordination web portal. For an interactive discussion, phone- or teleconference will be held.


Detailed plan of activities and responsible (R) and participating (P) partners is explained bellow:

1. Kick off meeting-R:UZg;P:all partners

2. Preliminary seminar programs -R:UZg;P:all

3. Web-page -R:URi;P:all

4. Survey on Bologna within employers and analysis -R:CEA, CCE;P:all

5. Construction of seminar material, final programs -R:UZg;P:all

6. Writing the Bologna guidelines for non-academic -R:UZg;P:all

7. Participation of Promoters in training seminars abroad - R:KU Leuven;P:all

8. Seminars at the universities 4 -R:USt;P:all

9. Thematic discussion on TV and radio -R:MSES;P:all

10. Newspaper articles -R:UOs; P:all

11. Analysis-R:Cz, report writing-R:UZg,ÖAD; and final meeting