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Furtherance of Bologna Promotion in Croatia



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Seminar for Croatian Bologna Promoters
22 – 23 March 2007, Vienna
Themes: Doctoral Schools, Bologna Process in Austria

(“Further Bologna”, Tempus Project SCM- C032A06)

Thursday morning: Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD), Alserstraße 4/1/3/8, 1090 Wien (entrance is at the corner Alserstraße/Spitalgasse – on the right of the book-store Kuppitsch)

Hotel: Pension Andreas, Schlösselgasse 11, 1080 Wien

Participants: Croatian Bologna Promoters:

1. Professor Melita Kovacevic, Vice-rector of the University of Zagreb for Science and Technology
2. Professor Zdravko Lackovic, Medical School of the University of Zagreb
3. Professor Biserka Nagy, Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb
4. Professor Ivan Slapnicar, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Split
5. Professor Sanja Loncar - Vickovic, Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Osijek

Wednesday 21 March 2007: Arrival of Participants

Thursday 22 March 2007:
09.15: pick up at hotel
09.30: Mr. Gottfried Bacher (Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Austrian Bologna contact Point):
Update on the status of implementation of the Bologna Process in Austria

10.00: Ms. Sandra Mukherjee-Cosmidis (Federal Ministry of Science and Research)
“Doctoral Programmes in the Bologna Context”

11.00: Ms. Brigitte Nones (Joanneum Research)
Presentation of the study “Human Resources Programme - Doctoral Schools

12.30: Lunch together with representatives of ÖAD

14.30-16.00: Visit to the “Initiativkollegs” at Vienna University, Dr. Lucas Zinner (Dr. Karl Lueger Ring 1, 1010 Vienna)

Friday 23 March 2007:
09.30-12.00: Visit to the International Cooperation (Margarita Calderón-Peter) and Doctorate School Sustainable Development (Prof. Andreas Muhar) at University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (ZIB, Peter Jordanstraße 82a, 1190 Vienna)

12.00: Lunch

13.30-15.00: Visit to the Special Research Program “International Tax Coordination” at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, Prof. Michael Lang, (Althanstraße 39-45, 1090 Vienna)

After the presentations there will be sufficient time for inquiries and discussion.