TEMPUS CM_SCM-C032A06-2006

Furtherance of Bologna Promotion in Croatia



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Contact person:

Arijana Mihalic

Tempus Structural and Complementary Measures

Project Eligibility Period: 15th October 2006 – 14th October 2007

Coordinator: University of Zagreb,

                    Professor Aleksa Bjeliš


Contractor: Österreichischer Akademischer Austauschdienst, Austria,

             Mr. sc. Ulrich Hörmann


The wider objective of the project is to fulfill the Bologna requirements and demands of The Act on Higher Education and Research in Croatia in order to join European Higher Education Area. Additionally the wider objective is preparation of Croatian Higher Education institutions, associations and authorities for the entrance of Croatia into European Union.


The specific project objective is to promote the Bologna goals, especially three cycle system, connection of higher education to research and development, diploma recognition, qualification framework, employability and quality assurance and to raise the awareness of social, cultural and economic aspects of Bologna reform.


The target groups of the project are employers, professionals, academics, students and ultimately the whole community in Croatia.

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